Government Agencies

State of Pennsylvania – Primary consultants to the Tourism, Film, Economic Development Marketing Department during the Rendell Administration with extensive experience in technical support with the legislature and with tourism partners, development of a regional approach to tourism, creating a new tourism region and identifying core opportunities for tourism, developing the cultural heritage program

City of Scottsdale, AZ – PLACES developed the 5 YR Strategic Plan for Tourism, including an identity matrix and worked with the city and the tourism industry to implement the plan

City of Houston, TX – Arts and Cultural Plan, PLACES conducted Character of Place research and developed a Statement of Place

Sonoma County, CA – PLACES advised the County on the further development of place-based tourism

Broward County, FL – PLACES worked on a cultural tourism plan as part of an Arts and Cultural Plan

Aruba – PLACES worked for the tourism agency in Aruba to develop character of place narratives and economic development opportunities

City of Ithaca, NY – PLACES analyzed tourism operations

City of New Orleans – PLACES advised the City Council on economic development, media and film technology

Warren County, PA – PLACES developed a strategic plan for the County’s tourism arm

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – PLACES worked on an evaluation of a closed hotel and its possibilities to open

Tourism Promotional Agencies

RTO7 – PLACES worked for an industry group which was organized by the Province of Ontario to create a new tourism region. PLACES developed the a strategic plan and an identity matrix. PLACES did a follow on contract concerning various agency roles in the new tourism region.

Route 6 Tourism Promotion Agency – PLACES conducted Character of Place research and developed a promotional approach and a portfolio of Stories of Place

Visit Philadelphia – PLACES helped set up the organization and primary consultants for the first five years of operation

New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation – PLACES consulted with the organization following employment

Finger Lakes Wine Country – PLACES helped to establish the organization and advised on the development of the organization, brand, marketing

Lake Placid Tourism – PLACES worked with the Lake Placid CVB to develop a direct response tourism campaign for NYC

Non-Profit Organizations

Treme for Treme – PLACES worked with a group of citizens to create a strategic economic development plan including tourism for the Treme neighborhood and formed the organization to implement the plan

Appalachian Regional Commission – PLACES developed podcasts based on character of place for areas in Pennsylvania

Louisiana State Historical Foundation – PLACES worked with the foundation to create visitor experiences

Place Developers

Manning and Associates for Cesar Pelli – PLACES worked to orient the architects to the deep character of New Orleans and how to harness that character in airport related visitor experiences

Pres Kabacoff, HRI – PLACES worked with HRI, a team of architects and the City of New Orleans’ housing authority to create plans and a Choice Neighborhoods grant for $31M

Pres Kabacoff, HRI – PLACES worked on the development of a strategic plan for the Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center, Generation Square (a 100,000 sq ft event center) and a short term loft rental facility

Berman Group, Prague – PLACES worked through the US AID contractor to develop the first public-private tourism promotion agencies in the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution

Freymoyer Farms – PLACES worked on the development of visitor experiences and the possible acquisition of a nearby farm to expand the offerings

Roatan – PLACES worked in Roatan with developers of a new community on their tourism marketing opportunities

Hans Lubbe – PLACES worked with this developer and his presentation of a plan to Mexican officials and investors, including development of character of place and environmental enhancements as part of a clean up of the bay in Cancun


Plumpy’s Pierogies – PLACES developed marketing materials and assisted in the development of new markets and manufacturing processes which allowed this business to expand production to regional markets

Olivier’s Restaurant – PLACES developed a new menu based on Creole family recipes


Moosewood Restaurants – PLACES developed a sizzle reel for the possible syndication of a cooking program

Philadelphia Video Library – PLACES developed an extensive video library for Philadelphia to use in media and advertising based on character of place

NOA-TV – PLACES developed a website for the 5 YR Anniversary of Katrina developed around character of place and the recovery of New Orleans

America’s Champions – PLACES developed a documentary to promote attendance at the Olympics Track and Field Trials in New Orleans which aired across the country

Pod Casts, Radio Shows – PLACES has developed a number of story audio program based on character of place

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